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MOzero - Beryllium Acoustic


Headphone for the NIGHT, when everything is quiet and audio quality decides

To Hear Sounds with More Clarity

Beryllium element is a top choice of high fidelity audio




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Communication Specifications

Electroacoustic Specifications


Expert tuning: pleasing frequency response

Major features

  • Beryllium acoustic is a feature of clean, accurate, and stable acoustic. Beryllium is a relatively rare element on earth and in the Universe, and outstanding for high stiffness to density ratio, good strength to density ratio, high velocity of sound, and high Debye temperature. It is a light, but very rigid material that features high-speed sound propagation, low distortion, and high efficiency drive
  • Beryllium acoustic is a feature of the right tuning of headphones and the well-balanced pleasing frequency response throughout the audio range. Enhanced acoustic in both the treble and the bass range. Made to hear sounds with more clarity
  • aptX high quality audio across Bluetooth 4.0 transmission
  • active echo cancellation, CVC noise suppression, and call quality improvement techniques supporting clear phone talk and remote meeting talk
  • about 32 hours of continuous Bluetooth transmission time including music playback at 80% volume level
  • about 35 hours of continuous Bluetooth transmission time including phone talk at 80% volume level
  • power-conscious automatic system shutdown after about 5 minutes of no connection of Bluetooth transmission signals to extend battery life
  • low battery verbal and visual warning signals. Indication light flashes red and a verbal warning signal sounds every minute from then on. Taking 10 to 30 more minutes in normal Bluetooth transmission mode depending on conditions of audio operation. After the battery charge is exhausted, system automatically shuts down
  • work over the cable when battery is exhausted or headphone system shuts down
  • Bluetooth mode able to work while battery charging
  • ergonomic design and comfortable ear pads for long-term listening 
  • great noise isolation
  • high sensitivity and low distortion to work as a mini speaker when ears need some air
  • strict quality control and comprehensive reliability tests qualified. 1-year limited product warranty
  • compliance with the environmental protection requirements, standards or directives including the CA proposition 65, the CPSIA, the ROHS, the REACH, the FCC part 15B, and the FCC part 15.247


aptX high quality Bluetooth audio


Compliance with the environmental protection requirements

Compliance With The Environmental Protection Requirements

The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by M&O Electronics, Inc. is under license. aptX is a trademark of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., registered in the United States and other countries, used with permission. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Product Reviews

we appreciate very much those reviewers

Date Reviewer name Title Review brief
Oct. 10, 2017  Brent Butterworth
Senior contributor, SOUNDSTAGE! I got a surprise when I stumbled on M&O Electronics, tucked away in one of the ground-floor hallways of the Marriott. The company’s MOOH-BE00BT Beryllium Acoustic Bluetooth headphones ($129) use a generic design with a beryllium-diaphragm driver; I was thrilled at the plush comfort of the earpads and the spacious sound and natural tonality of the MOOH-BE00BTs. 
Full review address: http://www.soundstageglobal.com/index.php/shows-events/rmaf-2017-denver-usa/727-rmaf-2017-headphones-and-earphones-part-2
Dec. 22, 2017 Pinky Powers Author, THL The simplicity of charm. It is easy on the ears, and has such qualities as to sweep you up into its rich, warm tonality. While it is not a technical marvel, I find it impossible not to like what I hear. If you love your music dark-sounding, and seek an inexpensive set of Bluetooth cans, I gladly recommend the MOOH-BE00BT. They will envelope you, as you relax into their cozy depths.
Full review address: http://theheadphonelist.com/the-simplicity-of-charm-a-review-of-the-mo-beryllium-acoustic-bluetooth-headphone/
Dec. 26, 2017 Kman1211 Audiophile, HF reviewer Amazing value and sounds! I highly recommend these headphones on their sound quality alone, the wireless is just the icing on the cake. If your looking for a good portable and wireless headphone under $200, I'd say look no further.
Full review address: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/m-o-mooh-be00bt-beryllium-acoustic.22808/reviews
Feb.16, 2018 George Dobrescu Audiophile Heaven reviewer When it comes to their sound quality, this is the reason they have been used every day. First, let's start with the Bass. Then there comes the bass. And lastly, the bass. Don't misunderstand my words, those headphones aren't basshead headphones necessarily, but they have an amazing bass, with excellent textures, quantity of bass, and extremely nice rumble and tactile feeling to it. The bass extends quite low, with nice depth to the sub-bass and with an interesting presentation. The midrange is organic and sweet, being colored by the bass into having good weight to each musical note, and quite a nice engaging presence. They are quite natural and the whole midrange is quite enjoyable in the long run, but it isn't the clearest out there, being rather warm and a bit crowded. The general tonality can be dark and laid back, especially when compared to a true neutral headphone / IEM. The treble is recessed when compared to the midrange and the bass, posing a little issue for those seeking the ultimate clarity, as it rolls off considerably early, and provides a rather limited listening experience for rock and metal music, which relies quite a lot on cymbals and cymbal energy. It should be noted that the treble reaches around 9-10kHz. We tried to Equalize the treble, but playing with the 16 kHz slider on our EQ makes only a small a difference, and the 8kHz slider on our EQ makes a larger difference, but it makes the treble a bit hot if enhancing it too much, the treble smoothness / roll-off not being equalizable. 
Full review address: https://audiophile-heaven.blogspot.ro/2018/02/mo-electronics-mooh-be00bt-bluetooth-fun.html
Oct. 08, 2017
 Dr. Hammock  First customer Was at RMAF17 and met Dr. Wang and heard these headphones. Lightweight and comfortable, yet still maintained a firm fit. Frequency response, from top to bottom, was very even , with no undue emphasis on any range. Smooth and detailed, never fatiguing. Highly recommended!
Full review address: https://www.amazon.com/Beryllium-headphone-high-speed-propagation-well-balanced/product-reviews/B071HXD5RV/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews

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Amazon Customers

seven 5 stars / nine reviews

S2kPanda: Sound: 6/5 - The most important part of a headphone review... how does a headphone score an extra point on a 5 point scale? I'll tell you that out of the box these headphones sound spectacular for their price.

PACsman: Best Bluetooth sound quality I have heard! Layered sound! I didn't know Bluetooth could deliver layered sound! Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, B&O, Bowers and Wilkins, and other's don't provide any sound detail. M&O does!

S. Riley: A Great price performance Bluetooth headphone

InvoluntarySoul: Supreme bass, detailed mids and rolled off highs, I find this signature very enjoyable and non fatiguing

Akhilesh Bjaj: Superbly designed device that improves your life significantly. My strongest recommendation.

Silver: The highs are crisp and don't drowned out by the super clear mids.

Regina Hammock: Smooth and detailed, never fatiguing. Highly recommended!

Full review address: https://www.amazon.com/Beryllium-headphone-high-speed-propagation-well-balanced/product-reviews/B071HXD5RV/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews

Mini Speaker Recommendation
45mm diaphragm, High sensitivity, Low distortion
Working with MOHP-00BT as a mini speaker when your ears want to get some air

Mini Speaker Mini Speaker 2

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